For skin that’s polished to perfection! Treat your skin to the most luxurious and creamy bath time experience with our luxe Rose & Coconut milk body Polish. Transform your shower into an everyday spa with this skin-softening and glow-giving formula.To truly fall in love...
Rs. 1,299.00
Rs. 1,299.00

What’s your idea of perfection?

Let us take a quick guess. Having flawless clean beauty means your skin is clear and free of spots, pigmentation, or other signs of aging. Well, as much as this sounds tempting, that’s not how we view perfection. We’re about to share with you what kind of clean beauty feels raw and authentic to us. Murshmallow has come to redefine unrealistic standards of beauty for y’all! Combining the best of nature & science, Murshmallow is a clean beauty skin & personal care luxury brand that focuses on accentuating your true beauty by offering highly efficacious products to you. As we believe your persona is already appealing, we strive to amplify it by providing the tools to make “me time” an appealing ritual for everyone.

But first……self-care!

At Murshmallow, we believe in the power of your uniqueness to lead the world. Instead of masking your flaws and imperfections, we want to learn to embrace them by learning self-care and self-love. To bring this dream to life, we bring forth our best-in-class offerings to all the audacious women of today. Daily Care Rituals for that plump & smooth glowing skin Luxe Bath & Body Experience that allows you to experience decadence and divinity while you’re in the shower and all day long. Treatment-specific skin & body care that helps deal with your discrete & stubborn concerns to bring out the best in you. Be you and let us bring out the best in you by letting you indulge in a daily decadent self-care regime. Our formula-savvy, innovation-driven products are organic and will take your skincare to next level.

The Story behind...

Being a skincare enthusiast for all my pre-teens, I paid a lot of attention to detailing when it comes to skin problems and their solutions. Amassing extensive knowledge in skincare and being up-to-date in the technology field for 10 years easily led me to my true calling. When I was naïve and young, I had no one I could resort to for help. Hence, I want to be there in every woman’s unique journey to becoming the best version of herself. My way to extend my support was to create budget-friendly and result-oriented skincare solutions for everyone. This is how the idea of Murshmallow was born. To every woman for whom self-love has taken a backseat in the modern-day fast-paced lifestyles, I urge you to invest some time in yourself and see its magic change the way you feel about yourself.

A note from the founder:

"I wish every woman to learn to get comfortable in your body and skin. Stay true to yourself and rule the world. A good amount of self-care is totally non-negotiable. Practice it daily to see yourself shine and rise.✨"

❤️ and Hugs ATREYEE KAR

Why Us?

Well, there is a lot more to us beyond offering you the gift of luxury at affordable prices. We cherrypicked the best potent ingredients from around the world that are highly effective to show visible results in no time. Considering that you’re unique and so is your skin, our products are clean and free from toxins, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, BHT, and other harmful & nasty ingredients. We have cruelty-free products with vegan options. Our offerings are good to the earth as they are to your skin. They’re plant-powered and sustainable with recycled packaging. What best? Everything is made with love and comes at budget-friendly prices so all our beauties can have anything they need.